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AMP OT: JC-120 REVERB MOD (longer tank)


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how are you dudes!


heres my jc-120, sometime ago i stoped using it,

because of lack of need and cause it was acting

up...it had a "white noise" when turned "on" and

"off" :freak: ....the chorus didnt work, neither the

reverb....it was simply acting up...


well the thing is that i started it a couple of times

and played.....the "white noise" is gone, the chorus

works and the reverb is DEAD:evil: ...




and he looks .... he says it seems ok, that with

that kind of amp i could just wait for it to break

rather than to look around when i works...wise

could it be?? (?:idea: ) / (?:freak: )

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so to continue he says the reverb tank has some

litle "transformer looking parts", i would say "like

a "coverd wounder metal" (sorry for that spelling,

not any other :p )...


the thing is the reverb tank is broke....he change it

into an accutronix from a fender....ill look up what

reverb tank brand, cuase now im doubting of what

was the brand....


and its 2twice the zize.....look at the original...





the new one is much more bigger...it now resides

in the buttom of amp outside...ill take pics and

post them tommorow....



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