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Just a Girl - No Doubt (what guitar effect?)

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I think it sounds more like a phase shift to me than a flanger...it seems to have definite notches - a lot of them - but not as "smooth" as a flanger. It could be pedal LFO controlled...I've never played one, but could a rotovibe make this sound when played correctly?


I guess with enough time in a studio, and with computers...


HOWEVER the solo sounds like a synth. Wowie haha. Never paid that much attention to it.

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Originally posted by analogmike

DOD envelope filter FX25


no way lol. really?


I have one of those things...got it for free. Didnt switch. But it doesn now.


anyway, there seems to be acceleration on the way up...the initial sweep is slower than the one up.


ok maybe the solo could be that lol. But the rest too ?

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Guest Anonymous

Originally posted by elctmist

it was the fx25
an mxr bluebox




I'm pretty sure I read the same thing from a direct quote of the guitarist in an interview.



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