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ok, I challenege all of you for EFFECTS-LADEN TRACKS! not just guitar wanking...


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everyone does clips, lets hear TRACKS with obnoxious levels of effects all over them. people love radiohead and mars volta for effects usage, what do you have? heres mine:


all hail (the king) .....




zvex song.....




I cant sleep .... echo and the bunnymen/zvex track




we fall down around her..



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Originally posted by mrblackbat

Check the website and click "hear":


listened to your first two songs - like 'em! cool sounds and songs.



well, i'll give it away then ... here's a rough demo recording of a new song by my project-band (just me and a drummer) "Elysee". beware: its not finished at all. i think i will make it shorter and make a more present chorus or break.

its called "the trip stops here (for you)" and you can hear:

- backwards guitar in the intro: it was played forward and reversed with cubase. i used a rotary effect on the guitar.

- lead guitar is often soaked in the dano back talk reverse delay, you can hear it throughout the song.

- vox wah was engaged during middle break and outro

- various delays were used during entire song

- guitars used: rickenbacker 330 and epi firebird V

- amps used: vox pathfinder 15wreverb ministack -> 2x10 cab

- also used: vox tonelab SE

good luck, here it is:


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Originally posted by Teahead

a jam with plenty of effects use. Ibanez AD80 & Loop Junkie do most of the work.


very good instrumental song. it reminds me of U2 but also of a track from the mad season album (the project were the alice in chains singer sang). it should be perfect for driving. it goes on my driving CD! thank you!

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Originally posted by Kid_A

haha your song reminded me of shed 7!! THATS A GOOD THING IN MY BOOK!!!

Nah the singer is my mate Sam, i was playing a strat into a Boss CE1-Space echo-Orange stack & leslie cab... Dreamy huh?

It was all recorded in my mates room, we just mic'd everything, at the end u can hear birds tweeting coz we had the window open...


really? which song does it remind you?

its amazing that such a beautiful recording can be done by 2 guys with just a few instruments and some mics in a mates room. stupid folk that wastes all that money for sterile sounding, bad songs.

your songs goes on my "sleeping with my bird" CD!

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all the individual songs are downloadable (i don't think the bit torrents are working right now)


super effects heavy songs, with only a few samples of guitar playing, but mostly keyboard, mm4, dan-echo, alesis philtre, and a sample pad all looping through the DL-4.


These arent short songs, some go into the 40 minute mark, so they are not for short attention span people.



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Guest Anonymous

All demo's, so forgive the production and incomplete song writing on some... and scratch vocals on others... but I still love 'em all.


Crossing over has some nice Fuzz Factory and MM4 sounds.

Fatalism is the MT-2 / Fuzz Factory combo I love so much.

Give and Take is an old old track... lots of subtle ambience... when I had a Digitech RP7 I ran _everything_ through it.

God in a Guitar Pedal is MT-2 / Fuzz Factory combo again... my favorite insturmental track. The Jesus voices are from a radio station I was picking up with my rig.

Grace Period is one of my recent forrays into more electronic/rock stuff. Lots of cool post-production effects on the verse vocals.

Inner Reflections... same as Grace Period... a nice experiment in layering different vocals with subtle effects and EQ changes. Blending guitar with synth through the use of effects.

Japanse Flower Garden is my forray into making flange work in an alterna-pop song.

Love Mantra... a lot of simple effects for the vocals and guitar, but I like it... reminds me of some trippy STP for some reason. I'm pretty sure all the effects in this song were a Line 6 modeler of some sort.

Mad World... all that was is me playing my Strat (with no amp) and singing live into a nice condenser mic, then layering it post-production with tons of reverb and very specific EQing... a very interesting effect.

Sleep is a Loss of Time... very simple song... once again the MT-2 / Fuzz Factory combo... I just love the power of the chorus and ending.

Take the Money and Run... pure electronica... subtle reverse effects and sound manipulation through out...

Viscosity... my most multi-tracked song from back in the day... each section of each guitar line was played seperately and filtered differently (post production)... distortion is once again the MT-2 / Fuzz Factory combo.

All guitars were recorded direct in these demo's (my preffered method).


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Ok, finally listened to a bunch of stuff (not all of it, sorry :( )

sei, I like your 1st 2 clips :thu:

lou d., you got some nice clips there, I really like some of the tones you're getting. In fact, I might try to sorta recreate some with my RAT and SF Champ ... if it's even remotely possible :confused:

blackbat, you know I like your stuff :cool:

Teahead, too :cool: :cool:

desertlimousine, now that's the kind of music I like!! Really spacey, ambient, mood music. When I get home, I'm gonna download all your tracks! :D
Right now I'm listening to PSR~WEFTSessions_02_Dekihregmosai.mp3 ... are they all sorta in that vein?

I'll listen to more later....

Thanks for the clips! :thu:

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