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Drum Machine VS Metronome for...


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I've been thinking about getting a metronome for working on my timing and noticed on one of my lesson DVDs the instructor uses a drum machine. Sounds like a lot more interesting and fun than the dull ticking of a metronome...also seems like it might be more fun to use in other areas of playing. Will a drum machine fill the same role or will it add a distracting layer of complication to my practicing.


What are the advantages or disadvantages to both?


From what I have learned so far, it sounds like only positives in favor of drum machines over metronomes. Are there any positives for metronomes over drum machines? Can you subdivide beats on a drum machine like you can with a metronome? Is there any learning benefit of a good metronome over a drum machine?


What would you choose...if drum machine:

Boss DR3

Zoom RT223

Zoom MR3

Zoom 246

Yamaha RY9


...or if metronome:

Boss DB90


Thank you very much for your help!!

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