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Sunday SPAM worship.. Come buy/trade and sell at the alter...


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Pedals/Pickups! Paypal preferred, but will consider trades for clean boosts...


- Akai Phaser (rehoused into a Menatone sized box). The rehousing was very well done by Cow4Prez, but requires that the box not be reopened and only use the boss style power adapter. $45 shipped!


Budget Pickups!


- A set of PAF humbuckers from a Dillion '58 Korina V knockoff. Black bobbins, sound great. $25 shipped.


- A set of P90s (humbucker sized) from a Dillion Mosrite knockoff. Sound great, great price. $25 shipped.


All pickups for $65 shipped!


- SKB power supply (from my SKB PS35 board) Includes 12 jumpers that will power Boss style ac jacks, has screws at the bottom to attach to a homemade board, also included is the loop box and the wallwort. Works awesome, power your board in style. $50 shipped. See pics below.


DIYers Delight:


- Rangemaster treblebooster clone needs TLC to get working again. Loaded with Smallbear trannies, housed in an EH small clone housing. 3Pdt TB, LED, AC. Needs a handymans touch to get going. Should be an easy go. $28 shipped.


- Tonebender clone with psychedelic custom graphics. Needs TLC to get working again. The trannies either need to be biased or they need to be reordered in the circuit. 3Pdt TB, LED, AC. Needs a handyman's touch to get going. Housing is very well done and allready clear-coated. $48 shipped.


- TSA/KROK clone with bunny rabbit sticker. Big green LED, 3pDT tb switch, AC, mix knob, toggle between TB looper and feedback looper. One of the wires has gone awry and it doesn't work anymore. Needs a handyman's touch to get going. $28 shipped.



Or, all the DIY pedals for $95 shipped!


The Akai:




Dillion PAFs:














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For sale (will trade for a nice but cheaper condenser mic, but that's it.):


Alesis Quadraverb - $90 shipped


Tascam 488 MKII 8 track cassette recorder - this thing is surprisingly quiet, has all kinds of cool {censored}, counter needs to be reset and i don't have a manual to do it. Everything else works great. $240 shipped


Audio-Technica wireless - not great, but the signal is strong, just a little noisy. if you're playing clubs, no one's going to notice.

$50 shipped


M-Audio MobilePre - stereo USB preamp. no onboard EQ, so it helps to have a cheap mixer in front of it to give you that and some extra inputs. But if you've got software with all the EQing in the box, you're fine. I just use audacity, and don't want to switch, so I'm getting an Alesis USB mixer. $135 shipped

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vintage foxx wah

lost name plate a while ago, but it sounds awesome. great 'old' tone'.

5 way selector has some great q's....



marshall shredmaster

rare, highly sought after for its thick radiohead/my bloody valentine tone.

$155 shipped


maxon od808

great tubescreamer. i have 2. one can go:)

$90 shipped.


z vex fuzz factory. BRAND NEW. never used. picked it up at retail store in trade, with intention to turn over. with box, all goodies. mint from factory.

shipped (SOLD)


dod 250. vintage.....from early 80s. great condition. tiny nick on top left. 3mm's.

$90 shippd



digitech whammy 2.

gettin rare. ivl chip, just like whammy 1, but with button selectors.

$220 shipped


PRS dragon II pickups. black. n/b



Dan Echo



pics available.....make offers....

trades: z vex ooh wah 2, skreddy zero




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Officially adding my recapped 67' SF Bandmaster... I can't call it mint because it's not all sparkly, but there are no tears or blemishes... it's just worn in like an almost 40 year old amp should be... amazing tone... oh, and the power cord is now a three prong instead of the 2 prong firehazard


also the old version grey Jekyll n Hyde pedal


Go ahead an make offers, I don't honestly know what either is worth anymore, and I'd kind of prefer a trade, but we should be able to work something out


things I'd like in trade are an american Strat or Tele with a maple board, cash can be added or taken depending on condition/model

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tweed covered Homebrew Electronics UFO...$150/b.o. new in box...or trade considered for fuzzface clone, rangemaster/booster clone, guv'noMK1, or Bigsby B5 telecaster set up.....i'm in Athens, Georgia, and mid week i will be driving to New Orleans to salvage some (non guitar) stuff from my old apartment, so I will deliver if you are on/near the route.

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