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Guitar Spamathon: Help me get rid of this stuff


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I've got a 95 Ebony Gibson SG Special and an 89 Midnight blue American Strat if anyone wants them. The SG has a lot of scratches but it plays great and sounds great. The strat is in excellent condition, I just don't dig the color at all. Both guitars just had setups done by pros.


I posted locally but I"m not getting a lot of bites so I thought I'd try here. I listed 600 for the SG and 650 for the strat, since people always want you to set prices, but honestly, I'm willing to entertain any reasonable offer. I just want to move these guitars so I can finance another purchase.


If you want pics go here...http://sandiego.craigslist.org/msg/107431854.html


The tube screamer isn't relaly for sale anymore...it redeemed itself today.


I'm also willing ot consider trades.


Help a forumite out! :)

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