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Emergency Spam! Tube Driver

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Hey Guys, I found the guitar I've been looking for, for a while now, and its local!


I need cash fast! Paypal would be best.


I have a rack mount Chandler Tube Driver I need to sell. I had a capacitor repaired at one point, and its sounded fine ever since. I bought it at the time to compare to my Tube Driver floor pedal. I kept this one.


I am only asking $105. Shipped (in US only) I think that is a fair deal. I'll ship anywhere if you cover the extra shipping charges.

They go for around $150 on Fleabay. I am just asking $105 to cover any paypal fees, and some of the shipping.

It says 1988 Rev. 2 on the circuit board.


It still looks pretty good too. A little aged, but not too bad. One of the knobs is missing its yellow cap.

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