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Wednesday SPAM Thread


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danelectro innuendo

blue sparkle burst with built-in effects, recent setup and new strings w/ receipt, and amp-in-bag. good as new

220 shipped


moog etherwave theremin

comes with two videos and all original paperwork, has seen only a few hours of use, good as new

335 shipped


eight-course lute (fifteen strings)

better than new... has been treated with peg dope, and has all new d'addario strings

330 shipped



PM me![/size]

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95 Gibson SG Special, Ebony Unfaded, scratched up but everything is good and 100% a great player. 500 + actual shipping.

89 Americna Strat with floyd rose, locking tuners, locking nut. Very clean. 650 shipped or best offer. Comes with OHSC (although you might not want to use it...its kinda smelly)

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Dano Fish & Chips EQ
Dano Hash Browns Flanger
Dano Tuna Melt Tremolo
$27 shipped each or $60 for all

Boss DS-1 Stock - $30 Shipped
Boss DS-1 Analogman - $75 Shipped

Two Pedalboards:
1 - Diamondplate 16" x 32" Angled

2 - Wood Construction - 18" x 40" with full width riser (cutout for wah & volume on each end)....Jacks & cables for quick hookup to effects loops....All plywood & douglas fir construction painted black with velcro compatible black carpet.....

Will consider trade offers on anything...

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vintage foxx wah
lost name plate a while ago, but it sounds awesome. great 'old' tone'.
5 way selector has some great q's....

marshall shredmaster
rare, highly sought after for its thick radiohead/my bloody valentine tone.
$155 shipped

maxon od808
great tubescreamer. i have 2. one can go:)
$90 shipped.

z vex fuzz factory. BRAND NEW. never used. picked it up at retail store in trade, with intention to turn over. with box, all goodies. mint from factory.
shipped (SOLD)

dod 250. vintage.....from early 80s. great condition. tiny nick on top left. 3mm's.
$90 shippd

digitech whammy 2.
gettin rare. ivl chip, just like whammy 1, but with button selectors.
$220 shipped

PRS dragon II pickups. black. n/b

Dan Echo

pics available.....make offers....
trades: z vex ooh wah 2, skreddy zero


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i have:

boss ge-7
boss pw-2 w/box & manual
digitech turbo flange w/box & manual
ibanez pm-7 phase mod. w/box
zoom 508 delay
dano french toast

(would sell ALL these for $165 shipped in CONUS !!!)

i also have:
256MB RAM for a 12" Powerbook G4
Apple RAM i didn't need after upgrade...

i want:

boss ps-2/ps-3
boss ph-1r
boss hf-2
digitech pds 20/20
hello kitty
dano pb&j delay

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