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Whammy Pedal Mod for rocker pedal


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I have a Whammy IV which I really, but I have a problem:


The rocker pedal sucks. It's stiff and I can't get a nice even gliss without it jumping too far up or down. Plus mine refuses to go all the way down to the heel position.


I'm sure I could adjust the bolt a little as a slight temporary fix, but I think the mechanism just helplessly sucks. My ErnieBall volume pedal is much smoother, and my metal Morley Flanger (think Morley Wah) is really darn good in the area of foot control precision.


So my question to you modification gurus and junkies: can a Whammy easily be modded to have an optical sensor style control pedal like the Morley line of pedals? If so, would even solve my problem?


Please tell if there are simpler solutions.

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