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finally got to hear how the rig sounds


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on Monday, i had the following running:


PRS Custom 24 Goldtop -> HBE Medicine Bawl Wah -> Foxrox Octron -> Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket


got a recording of the show today, and it sounds HOT! i've finally learned how to clean up the amp from the guitar volume. That little bit of dirt works at the top of the signal in this band, where it doesn't in Loki. i've got to learn to temper the gain on the lead channel though.


the star of the show was the HBE wah. once i got in there, and adjusted the pot it brought back all this top end that was missing. its a very aggressive wah sound, and it totally works for what i do.


the octron is also a great pedal. i still think it needs just a bit of boost though.

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