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Well now that it's Tuesday, get yer spam while it's fresh!


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price drop -$20.00


Up for grabs I have two of these



These are half rack, boss parametric EQ's, I also have the two power supplies for them, as well as one manual. I originaly got them for my own guitar rig, but they are over kill for what I want, I am am getting to old to spend my days twidling damn knobs forever and day to get "my sound" out of them. These units are both in very good shape.


Both units are mono, so it would take one per side for a stereo set up. I would like to move both of them together, and really would rather not break them up (lest one gets lonely :D)


Cash price I am looking for 150.00 US shipped to you, or I will happily consider trades for......


Maybe a couple of the following of the, also willing to top up my side of the offer with a bit of cash, (if needed)


if you have a couple of following....


MXR Micro amp

MXR Dyna Comp

MXR Phase 90/100


A Boss Phaser of some sort

Boss delay

Ibanez delay

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

EH Small Clone Chorus



Boss Reverb

Danelctro back talk reverse

Guyatone slow volume


A couple of....

GE-7 EQ's



OR will happily add a few bucks to sweeten the pot for a Boss EQ20, or CE20 or DD20, or a G2D Morphious Distortion or a line 6 DL4 with adaptor.


Open to lots of offers as well. The only things I am not at all interested in are ring mods and such, and fuzzes.


Paypal prefered.

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danelectro innuendo

blue sparkle burst with built-in effects, recent setup and new strings w/ receipt, and amp-in-bag. good as new

220 shipped


moog etherwave theremin

comes with two videos and all original paperwork, has seen only a few hours of use, good as new

335 shipped


eight-course lute (fifteen strings)

better than new... has been treated with peg dope, and has all new d'addario strings

330 shipped



PM me![/size]

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Maxon RealTube series Overdrive: $115 shipped

Rocktron MultiValve: $200 shipped

1925 Martin 0-21 (needs work--inquire for details): $2,500 shipped or $2,800 repaired and shipped

cheapy Crafter acoustic/electric: $250 shipped


All transactions will be handled through my shop, so I can accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

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Originally posted by bobby yarrow

Experimentalists Anonymous Parallel Universe. I really can't remember what it cost, and the only one I found for sale was like $250. I could be giving away the store, but I'll say $110 shipped.



what in the hell is this? it's name makes it sound incredible...

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Guest Anonymous

Selling :


Playstation 2, one controller, memory card, TV conncections, power supply

-Katamari Damacy

-Final Fantasy X


Door to the CD-tray is missing, but the system works fine.


$135 shipped in the conUSA.



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Dano Tuna Melt Trem - $27 Shipped

Dano Has Browns Flanger - $22 Shipped

Arion SFL-1 Flanger - $50 Shipped

Analogman DS1 - $75 Shipped

Indyguitarist Mod SD1 - $50 Shipped

Stock DS1 - $27 Shipped


Two Pedalboards:

16" x 30" Diamondplate - $35 plus ship

Click for Diamondplate pics

18" x 40" Wood Construction - $60 plus Ship

Click for Wood Pedalboard pics


Paypal Ok

Make Offers on multiples

Will consider and likely take any reasonable trade offer

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Subdecay Blackstar - $130

Tonefactor Omega Fuzz - $80

Aramat Mojo Fuzz - $90

Subdecay Stupid Box (older big one) - $90

Fireman FX dual Baron/Beagle booster - $100

H&K Warp Factor - $40

Digitech USA-made Bad Monkey - $40

Boss BF2 - $55

Onerr NC2 chorus - $45

Celestion V30 8ohm 60w w/20 hours play - $80

1980 mij Yamaha SBG500 tobacco sunburst w/hs case - $485




Pedalworx Neo Drive

Kaden Brown Creeper

M.I. Audio Tube Zone


Prices include 48 state shipping only if prepaid w/USPS money order. No paypal, no int'l. Trades considered on everything but the guitar. PM me if serious.

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OK, the stuff in the sig is still up for grabs, plus:


H||H Studio 100


1980s SS amp by kitsch favourite UK manufacturer. 2x12", 100w, castors. 2 channels (shared EQ), reverb, pull bright and gain controls, parametric mid boost/cut control.


It didn't cost me much, so make me an offer



Oh, and it's big, so you'll have to collect it.

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ALL the pedals i mentioned in my previous post i'd let go for $155 PRIORITY shipped

in the Cont. USA.

i could ship them out w/in 2 days.


i may also be up for getting rid of my catalinbread SCO for $125 shipped, i've got the box & everything.


i'm trying to acquire this 3-hum Airline guitar on myrareguitars.com before it vanishes.




thats right, a SCO for $125 !!!!!!!!

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