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Where is the Master Volume on your amp, and how do you set up your rack unit?


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I was just wondering how yall set up your combos and rack effects units (if you use them), and how it all relates to your master volume.


I have found that amps that have the master volume after the effects loop are much easier to use. just set your loop send and return levels (either on the amp if it has that feature, or on the effects unit's input/output controls), and you're away. You can change the amps volume with the MV knob and it wont screw with the rack levels.


I have had problems however with heads that have the MV before the effects send. problem being that when you change the MV it effects (and you have to adjust) the input level on the effects unit.


How do you guys use yours? Do you adjust the input every time you change volumes. Or do you set the master to a decent level and use the effects output volume to control the overall volume of the amp? Tricks/tips appreciated....

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