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To the people I am in the process of trading with. (this is devi)


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Originally posted by jcn37203

Whoah, banned without warning for merely posting gay porn?


Based on the explanation thread, it doesn't sound like it was all that bad...and I've certainly seen much worse here on the FX forum.

I guess it offended the mods' own self-defined sense of decency because there are probably plenty of people who would find a lot more things a lot more ban-worthy than that.

Consider, for instance, a 10-year-old budding guitarist surfing this forum. I haven't been 10 for a while, so that's just a random age I pulled out of my a....... er....out of a hat.

But say this innocent kid is going through threads and he sees some picture of a guy with some goop on his face. Huh. That's kinda stupid. He may not even understand what it is, so it won't make a lick of difference (ugh...maybe "lick" is the wrong word in this context :D ).

But say he's reading through a post where people are using graphic language to deride each other, describing various things they'll do to each other's moms and sisters...

That happens all the time around here, and those folks always seem to stick around. It's a double-standard for sure.

I think maybe I'm uncleaer on what exactly is ban-worthy and what isn't. Is it just content that could get someone in trouble if their boss glances at their moniter at work? Because in that case, any of the "post your favorite" threads should result in everyone who posted their favorite getting banned.

And what about written text? Can that get you banned? Obviously if you're continually harassing someone, that's grounds...but what about the graphic language that we see on a daily basis? Maybe that's less offensive to the mods, but what if it's more offensive to others?

I'm not taking sides here...I'm just trying to spark some discussion. It seems like getting banned is entirely arbitrary a lot of the time...based on some unwritten moral guidelines that we need to intuit.

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