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Arion SCH-1 review on todays home page is right on


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I have one of those choruses that I bought new back in 1984. I still use it and I've been using it for 21 years. It has never broken so (That plastic POS) has proven to be ptetty reliable. I've long sinse lost the battery cover.

But the reviewer is right on about the sound of this pedal.

The newer one SCH-3? ( I should know it I have one).

Is also good but not the same as the 1. It does have good control over the loss of bass that the SCH-1 has but it lacks the total heavenlyness of the older pedal.

They are only 20 dollars though and are among the best sounding Choruses out there. The SCH-1 is analogue. Don't knoe 'bout the new one.

Oh yeah even though the SCH-1 is MIJ, and the SCH-3? is made in Sri Lanka They all use the same CNC's and Flux wave equip anyway) I don't dwell too much on that really.

If you come across a CH-1 GET IT YOU SCURVY DOGS!!!

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