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friday spam!!!

doug deeper

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-1985 Kramer Pacer Deluxe with a custom graphic pickguard, humbucker in the bridge, original floyd rose, the back of the neck has been professionally sanded down and the frets recrowned. The neck screams and the guitar sounds awesome. I may regret this, but if I can get my price I will let it go. Hardcase included. $425 shipped.







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Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Jr $50 250K, compact, gets the job done


Digitech Main Squeeze Compressor with box $37


Peavey Dual Clock Stereo Chorus with box $35 old, pink, with compander, some pretty sounds, some crazy sounds -out of tune wackyness


Boss RV-70 Stereo Rack Reverb 1U $75 like the Boss compact reverb pedals but on steroids, fun to play with


All Items are in good to great cosmetic condition and in perfect working order. More pictures available on request. No trades please. USPS Money Order ok, paypal ok.


All prices include USPS Priority Mail shipping in the US. Will ship internationally at my discretion for actual shipping price. All items available for local pickup in Dallas, TX area for slight discount. Thanks.



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guyatone VT-X Tube Tremolo (flip series)

$105 shipped to CONUS


i'd get rid of the following for $130 shipped in the CONUS


(i'll do USPS Priority Shipping !)

individual prices:

boss ge-7 $45


dano french toast $20 w/purchase of any other pedal


ibanez pm-7 w/box $40 -SOLD TO DEVI EVER !!!!! --------------------------------------


digitech turbo flange w/box&manual $40

boss pw-2 w/box & manual $40

zoom 508 delay unit $20 w/purchase of any other pedal

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Guest Anonymous

Originally posted by bobby yarrow

Ok, I've got:

- Parallel Universe, with its own special buy-me thread $150


How much just for the special buy-me thread.


Oh wait... I already own it... :eek:















































j/k... please don't hurt me.... :(



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NYC Pedalboard, I think its the gigman size with the second level riser. Looking ot get 100 dollars shipped.


Looking for:


A BIG road worthy pedalboard, preferably NYC (I like them).

Boss CE-2

A good tremolo

Crybaby fasel wah

analog delay

Tuner (korg dt-10 preferably, will consider tu-2 and strobostomp)

a tap tempo pedal that can plug into dd-20.

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