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friday spam!!!

doug deeper

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black hagstrom I in kick ass condition.






good deal!

comes with cheap ass case.

i wont ship this out side of the us.


gibson sg I all american

w/ duncan phat cat




i wont ship this outside of the us....as well... :)

looking for....an acoustic 150/260 ect...

sunn beta lead/concert lead/coliseum lead-bass.

kustom 200/100/150 whatever...

and cabs to go with all of these...

other kick ass solid state amp could be cool too.

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Guest Anonymous

PS2 system, adapters, controller, memory card.


- Final Fantasy X

- Katamari Damacy


The door on the disc tray is off the hinges, but everything works fine.


$125 shipped in the USA, best offer, or I'll consider trades for gear.

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Boss CE-2 - Green label MIJ - excellent condition - Original Box included ....Make Offer



Dano Tuna Melt Trem - $27 Shipped

Dano Hash Browns Flanger - $22 Shipped

Arion SFL-1 Flanger - $45 Shipped

Indyguitarist Mod SD1 - $50 Shipped

Stock DS1 - $25 Shipped

Boss CS2 Compressor - has one "non-stock" knob - $60 Shipped

MXR Vintage Blue 10 Band Graphic EQ with Attached power cable - $55 shipped


Two Pedalboards:

16" x 30" Diamondplate - $35 plus ship

Click for Diamondplate pics

18" x 40" Wood Construction - $60 plus Ship

Click for Wood Pedalboard pics


Paypal Ok

Make Offers on multiples

Will consider and likely take any reasonable trade offer

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Delorean KROK TB/FB Loop (near mint, no longer made)-$65


Rocktek COR-01 Compressor (mint w/box +papers)-FREE with purchase of KROK


All prices/offers are firm and include priority shipping with delivery confirmation in the continental US ... foreign buyers are welcome to inquire, but will be responsible for any additional shipping charges and/or insurance fees (non-negotiable).

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Subdecay Blackstar - $130

Tonefactor Omega Fuzz - $80

Aramat Mojo Fuzz - $90

Subdecay Stupid Box (older big one) - $90

Fireman FX dual Baron/Beagle booster - $100

H&K Warp Factor - $40

Digitech USA-made Bad Monkey - $40

Boss BF2 - $55

Onerr NC2 chorus - $45

Celestion V30 8ohm 60w w/20 hours play - $80

1980 mij Yamaha SBG500 tobacco sunburst w/hs case - $485



Pedalworx Neo Drive

Kaden Brown Creeper

M.I. Audio Tube Zone


Prices include 48 state shipping only if prepaid w/USPS money order. No paypal, no int'l. Trades considered on everything but the guitar. PM me if serious.

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Z Vex Vexter Fuzz Factory $150 (very clean)


DLS Chorus Vibe $140 (good shape too)


Carl Martin Compressor Limiter (very clean) $130


H&K Tube Rotosphere MKI (used but good condition) $250


Guyatone WR2 Wah Rocker (very clean) $40


I'll do trades too.

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