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I've had an extreme makeover!

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Originally posted by seifukusha

cool. anyway, i love you, monk. youre the anti-papataco......i look more condservative than i ever did. i kind of gave up the pursuit of groovy. i wasnt good at it...

LOL, thanks.
I'm actually less conservative than ever. I've decided that I'm going to make my living playing guitar, of course, I'm often wrong. So, if I don't I'll just have to drive a tractor/trailor or something.

Plus, I doubt your not good at being groovy. :thu:

Here's a pic of my tat (on the underside of my left forearm) - it's the initials of my kids, Tyler & Zoe:
(No, I'm not that pasty, it's the flash!)

"My carpel found a tunnel!"

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