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voodoo micro vibe?!


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I only had the micro vibe for a couple of hours before it went back. I don't remember exactly what it was I could'nt stand about it. It was something like when I turned it on, it changed my tone, made it trebly I think.
Either way, it definatley changed my tone when it was on. I took it back, and threw down the extra cash on the Deja vibe. After i tried it for a really long time. It hurt but, it was worth it.

I now would really like to check out a Mojo because I would really love the expression pedal for some Floyd style trippy vibe stuff. I do really like the Deja though, I am almost scared to trade it for a Mojo, without trying one first.

I guess if you just want the swirly vibe effect, maybe just for a few songs, you might want to try out the MV, but if you really listen to your sound, and want to retain your original tone, I think it pays to go for the higher end models.

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Originally posted by ninja of love

I like mine a lot except for that crappy Voodoolabs switch.

I had the same issue. I fixed it last month. I found the same switch with the X-wing lugs :D

If you don't want to spend that much $, the Voodoo Lab is a good choice.
I owned it for quite a while, now I have the Mojo.
The Mojo has more a vintage tone, a bit more warmer sound to my ears.
Other than that, the Micro is a solid effect.
You can achieve the same speed levels with both.
The Micro behaves as nicely with others effect, OD, Fuzz, Wah, Tremolo.... as the Mojo.

Here's a short video I made for the actual owner of the box...I intended to show him how the new switch was acting. It was made with a digital camera so be nice :freak:
click here if you are over 18

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