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Good Flanger and Phaser pedals?


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Originally posted by L6Sguy

ibanez pm-7, ph10

danelectro pepperoni

EH or Sovtek Small Stone

Ross phaser

DOD 201, 595

mxr phase 90, phase 45

nobels ph-d

DOD 575/b

Ibanez SF10, FL-9

Danelectro Hash Browns

Arion SFL-1

Ross Flanger



I've got a Dano Hash Browns Flanger brand spankin' new, still in the casing, never opened. I already have one, thought I might use a second because I liked it a lot, but decided I didnt have a use for it. It's yours for $29 shipped.

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Originally posted by StompboxMan

The new Electro Harmonix's Flanger Hoax is a flanging phaser modulator that does flanging and phasing with new innovative options. It sells for less then $200.


Much as I like this pedal I have to say its more of a freak box than a standard phrlanger thingy. This -- to me -- is a good thing, but buyer be aware.

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Originally posted by DJLantz444

I looked at the Hoax before, but I heard it was kind of odd, and also I just want something simple that has the basic tones I want.



Once your set the Flanger Hoax in a flange setting you'll have a better flanger then an Electric Mistress.

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