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OT (sorry again): 12 string necks, 12 string conversion kits?


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So I have this disassembled mess in my attic which would basically add up to a guitar (minus a decent neck) if I'd put the time and money into it. I bought the loose ends I couldn't scrap from previous projects this summer with the intention of building a baritone Tele, but I got sidetracked as usual. Anyway, I haven't had any real motivation to get started on it again because I'm involved in different sonic persuits now that wouldn't really require a new guitar - I've sort of got it covered as is.


However, I have been looking into a sort of bizzare new electric investment. Like a sitar, or maybe just a 12 string. If I could get something like a 12 string conversion kit I can turn that hunk of junk upstairs into a rad new piece. However, I haven't heard of any such kit, and I think the headstock to the Warmoth 12 string is lame. I like a flat, sharp, symetrical look.


Anyway, just wondering if you guys new any parts suppliers off the top of your heads. Thanks.

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