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New Guitar Player Mag: A Mixed Bag


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On one hand, nice fat wad of gear reviews, including a delay pedal roundup and ZVex reviews. There's even a couple of really new delays I haven't heard of yet, HBE Mimic and a Dytone Di'ana.


On the other, 10 years of Jerry G (Hi Ginnboon :wave: ). And a compilation of Randy Rhoads licks (woo hoo, never seen these compiled before).


And a really anal tuning article. Which seems like a big effort to make you paranoid that you'll never *really* be in tune. Shocking revelation: not all intervals are really, really in tune on the guitar :bor:


Worth a skim if you're hanging round in Barnes and Noble looking bald and furtive I'd say, not enough to make me buy it though.

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