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micro vibe (Voodoo lab or Magic vibe?


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Originally posted by hide

voodoo lab if you find one cheap...i kinda like the internal trimpot tweaking abilities



Is it true you have to turn off the lights to adjust the trimpot? Something about the photocell being exposed to light?? I replaced the switch in my microvibe about a year ago and I wasn't aware of any precautions (wasn't told by the VL staff from whom I acquired the replacement switch from). Got the switch fixed and it works fine, although it is a tad muddy as others have commented on that gear page. I wonder if the trimpot reduces this muddiness or if it's inherent in the design. What I'd really like to know if what makes the difference in all these various models? The photocells? Different components? Arn't they all "copying" the original univibe circuit?? Anyways, can't comment on the different between the two models. For clean sounds with a strat the VL microvibe is good, don't really like it with any OD or fuzz as it messes everything up...or maybe that's how it's s'pose to sound and I just don't like it. But clean it's awesome.

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