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Help! I screwed my pedal up! (pedal builders/repairers help needed)


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So i got my Maxon OD808 today and all of my gear is at the bands space, so i couldnt try it out, but i still wanted to see if it at least worked....


not knowing anything about voltage, i just saw on my Line 6 power adapter it said 120 volts in, 9 volts out, so i thought i would be ok.... i didn't realize it was 120 AC volts in, 9 AC volts out.... when the pedal needs 120 AC volts in, 9 DC volts out....


so it was only plugged in for 2 seconds when smoke came out from the back so i yanked it out hoping not much damage was done.....


i went out and bought a boss 120 ac in, 9 DC out adapter to see if it would still be alright....


of course it wouldn't come on.


so my question is there anyone out there who would be a good soul and could fix it for cheap for me? or is it even fixable?


any help is appreciated?

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One of those 9VAC Line 6 adapters killed one of my customers' ICBM Fuzz. This happened the same week I decided to add the dc jack as a standard feature and raise the list price accordingly.

He, too, had the pedal for mere minutes before roasting it. He's in the UK, so had to send his new toy all the way to me in California for da free repair.

His needed both opamps replaced (and was fine after that); fortunately in the ICBM they are socketed.

If your 4558 is socketed, replace that and see what happens.

Sometimes pedals will have a sacrificial diode backwards across the power line to "protect" the rest of the semiconductors. If you see such a charred component, replace it (1N4007 usually works fine).

Good luck.

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