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Rolling Stones-Metallica show last night in SF


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{censored} ME.

Good Christ...aw, {censored}. Expletives fail me.


AMAZING show. I can honestly say that I really, really did not think the Stones would live up to the hype. I have never seen them live before...


You know how Mick Jagger looks in those clips you see of him from time to time on stage, all full of energy and charismatic and {censored}??? Dudes. He does that for like 3 hours. And Keef? Dried out effing crypt keeper looking mother {censored}er. Plays the HELL out of his tele. Even sang a couple of tunes. With a Christing cigarette hanging slackly off his lower lip 75% of the time.


And Metallica... ripped.

They were soooo tight. I've never really been a huge fan, but I am a fan now. I think it's gotta be hard to pull off an arena show like that, but they {censored}ing nailed it. They were really, really good.


That show reminded me of:


a) Why I play music in the first place


b) How much I have become accustomed to musical mediocrity (airwaves/ local clubs / online / MTV...).


It was really refreshing to see two huge acts that deserve to be huge acts.


Also, a quick shout out for my homies at Gordon Biersch. TANKARDS!

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