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Amp Forum avatars are the suxorz... a few examples.

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I'm turning them all in. I find them all offensive.

fuam2d.jpg--Old bearded dudes offend me

fuambb.gif--Bon Jovi album covers, even if doctored for a Van Halen look, offend me

fuannr.jpg--Poor decapitated cat! Animal cruelty offends me.

fuanus.jpg--Emo fruitarios offend me.

fuao0j.jpg--That just frightens me.

fuao48.jpg--I'm a pacifist. Weapons of war offend me.

fuao9f.jpg--Fast motorcycles scare the {censored} out of me.

fuaoer.gif--Boring. Thus, it offends me.

Dangerous extreme sports scare me. Or are those two guys having sex in mid-air?:confused:

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Guest Anonymous

Originally posted by phyrexia

hey I like mine. I am mainly in the amp forum.



I like yours too... that's why I didn't post it as an example. :')



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