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I'm beginning to think Boss is coming out with a new pitch shifter


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since i've noticed in the last few weeks that the PS 5 has dropped from the regular retail price of $159.99 to $129.



I always thought that the PS5 was a hell of a sleeper pedal that was way more flexible and capable than the design let on. so many strange, yet controllable functions were crammed inside that little blue thingy.


*crosses fingers*


come onnnnnnnnn PS 6!


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Originally posted by IndofunkCity

the only way i'd buy another ps is if it had dual (or more
) parallel pitch shifting with NO LATENCY

so basically you'd buy a Boss PS6 with Eventide guts, if it was under 200 bucks?

good luck on that, champ.


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Originally posted by boogieman_dan

High quality pitch-shifting and stompbox pedal should never be used in the same sentence. Again...


probably true - but the PS5 was close enough to do the job for me.
i'm not the wheedly wheedly type that double harmonizes with myself at 799mph- i just like the toybox sounds and the whammy type functions on it - the vibe setting is also pretty cool.

ya gotta admit - they're getting closer and closer these days...

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