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So frustrated at my hurse


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So today, before a scheduled funeral my (once) friend hurse asked me and the steering wheel cover to step down, after telling us "after much consultation with my old driver, our current dead passenger, and some generally dead people around us". We've been having trouble seeing eye to headlight in the past but this seriously came out of nowhere. He told us that we emphasized way too much on the driving and not on mournful duty, and that we needed to reorganize our priorities.


This rear-wheel drive automobile seriously has been on routine for like a year, while me and the steering wheel cover have been on for over three. Am I wrong in feeling frustrated? It's not like he's been acting more mournful than us...it's only because we are vocal in what we feel the driving should drive like and he doesn't give two cents for it...I agree we're not there to put on an extreme-motor show, but honestly, if you don't want to cart dead people to their funeral, what's the point of getting into the car?


Anyway, both of us told him that there would be no coming back, and that because of the way things turned out we would be leaving the hurse-driving business (and we're thinking of possibly commiting suicide). I honestly believe that my priorities were honestly for looking sad and mourning, and not to put on a show. I have a rally car outside for that, why do I need to garner the approval of the cemetery inhabitants?


Sorry for the rant...it's just a weird feeling (like being slammed by a train...that's not a bad idea) of having something you did for three years suddenly taken away from you.


Funny thing is, the floor mat is trying to reconcile us back together with Pet Cemetery, but it's not working out.

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