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Are the Boss DM3 delay repeats dark or distorted?


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Ok I see that this is eating at you. I have DMM, so I know where you coming from with the distorted thing. I don't play to heavy so I am ok with the distortion tolerance of the DMM. However, I guess you are looking into a DM3. It does not distort like the DMM. The Boss analogue, Maxon analogue, Ibanez analogue, newer ones I have tried like the Memory Lane do not distort like the DMM. It is annoying to some that the DMM does this , some think it adds character. :thu: If you want a delay that is analogue and doesn't distort so easy go with a Boss or Maxon or Ibanez. If you really want to keep with the modulation thing i think your best and cheapest :confused: option is the Memory Lane.

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