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Originally posted by virtualtoad

Yes, you will

Just remember to turn up the input gain high enough to compress properly....


Ok, cool!


I hope I'll get a nice bonus at the end of the year. I'd really would like to try the Enveloope! :thu:

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Originally posted by Arjae

The price is going up on the greatest effects in the world? Damn. Is it because sales aren't doing well?



Is that sarcasm? I honestly can't tell.


The truth is it's exact opposite - sales are great... in fact we can't keep up with demand.


However, as most people know, prices always go up - not just ours, but everyone's, including our vendors.


So, if OUR costs go up, our prices must go up.


For a good example of this, check the price of copper sometime, and compare it to 2 years ago - copper is WAAAAAY up, and if you but alot of wire (and we do), it really adds up.


In fact, our costs are going up all the time - every month, one of our vendors changes the price on at least one of our components. For us, it's just more convenient to change our prices on the 1st of the year.

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