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Sweetsound MoFaux vs Love Pedal Magicboy (clips)


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Both clips start out without the pedal engaged and you can hear when the pedal is clicked on. Both start out at the slowest speed and go to the fastest by the end. At the very end I say which pedal it is so if you want to hear both clips before you know which is which you should stop listening right before the end. Also you will have to crank it to hear which pedal it was. Don't mind the playing.


Vibe 1



Vibe 2



I am not going to do any review right now. I have decided which pedal to keep but I want to hear what you guys think first before I post my own thoughts. Hope these clips reveal enough about each pedal for you to form an opinion. If there is anything specific you want to hear from either of them let me know...but the one I'm selling is going on the auction block tomorrow!

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