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Semaphore and Teaser Stallion mind teaser.


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How would I go about having a rig like this


Picture Wah > Neo > (Teaser) Stallion > Zim > TZF > Semaphore (Reg out) > MD3 > DD20




Picture Wah > Neo > Semaphore (Teaser Out) > Teaser (Stallion) > Zim > TZF > MD3 > DD20


A switch away?


It baffles my mind and the only way I think it would be possible is if Catalinbread made the Teaser and the Stallion seperate like the Zim is. Even then the seperate outs make my mind explode.


I can't put the Teaser Stallion after the TZF otherwise I couldn't get the most out of the TZF with the distortion after it, and I need the Semaphore after the TZF and the Octron I'm going to be getting.


Would I have to get another Teaser or Semaphore? :confused:

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Originally posted by jonny guitar

Loooper has a TB pedal that will change the positions of the two loops or you can do series/parallel and lots of stuff. Would that help? I am too lazy to do your crazy physics problems this early in the day.

I tryed working it out but it seems like it would take at least 3 loopers and would be better just buying another semaphore.

Maybe if the Teaser Stallion had a one way input for the Semaphore's Teaser Stallion out. Then I could put the Semaphore and Teaser Stallion where-ever I wanted. Still it would be mind boggling.

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