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Acoustic Live - what do I really need? (EQ, PREAMP,MODELER)


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-----Hello- put this in the acoustic section- but it's slower than here... Sorry to over post but I wanted to put in the order soon.----


I'm planning on putting a live acoustic thing together-

I'm extremely budget conscious right now:



Playing a piezo/mini humbucker (each with seperate volume dials that blend) acoustic electric (no preamp) through a Peavy Keyboard amp.


Since I'm minding the budget I'm looking at the incredibly cheap

Behringer pedals:


* ADI21 Acoustic Amp Modeler

* EQ700 (7 band eq)

* PREAMP BOOSTER PB100 (wow a preamp pedal for $20!)


The AD121 has a eq, but it's just 3 band not 7.

I thought for sure to get the PB100 for my piezos but the AD121 already has a preamp so why not spend the extra 10 bucks for all the other features...


Should it be "in addition to" or "instead of"?




1. Do I need all these? aren't some cancelling others out with their functions- like the preamp in the modeler as opposed to having just the preamp pedal?


2. I'm kinda in a unique postion that I have a guitar with both the passive (piezo) and active (mini humbucker) pickups. It's a given to get a preamp to tame the peizo highs but how will this negitively affect the minihumbucker?


3. Preamp are to boost the signals from the pickup to the amp where the eq pedal is about shaping the sound from the amp- RIGHT?




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