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Has anyone sent a guitar back to Gibson for warranty work?

Acid Test

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Originally posted by Acid Test

Just wondering. I have a couple of Gibsons and wonder how good they are/aren't for living up to their lifetime warranty.


I get First class service above and beyond from Gibson..You just need to call and ask the right questions and ask about your options..Something to think about..If your local Guitar Service God recieved 100's of warranty service guitars a week,his turn around would be slow too..Hopefully you will find a service center/dealer in your area..Good Luck..Nothing but Love for Gibson from me,they always deliver..

If you find a service guy at Gibson that takes care of you,remember his name and keep a repore with him or her..When Walter Carter left Gibson it took me about 3 months to find someone else that was always there for me.AS it turned out he was and is good friends with Walter..I'm Blessed..Keith

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