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Electro Harmonix Black Finger problem


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I've bought a mint secong hand Black Finger pedal to use in my home studio.

Unfortunately I'm rather dissapointed with it. When I plugged it in I was shocked to find out that the pedal was extremelly noisy and temperamental. The pedals hums like mad and does a few abnormal things:


1) the normal postion is much louder than the squawshed on. You can't barely hear the guitar at all.

2) when in the sqwashed pos. the compression led is always on even when nothing is connected.

3) The sound changes a lot when you hold the pedal and changes its position. Kind of intermetent operation.

4) The hum gets sometimes worse and other times better when you touch the metal chassis.


I've tried with some Mullard ECC81s I had at hand and the problems where still there. I watched the EHX DVD and the Black Finger featured there doesn't show any of these ailments.

I aslo tried my Keeley compressor and it has -when dimmed- about 30% of the noise that the Black finger has at normal volume.

What do you think? I've heard stories before of poor craftmanship on some EHX pedals before but I thought it was a thing of the past.


H E L P !!!!!!!!!!!

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