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SPAM: George Ls


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I finally measured everything out. I'm offering roughly 27.5 feet of cable and 20 right-angle plugs for $90 shipped. Most of this comes from an old pedalboard attempt that was quickly scrapped when I realized I don't like solderless cables. Here's how it breaks down in terms of the pieces:


9 feet


12 inches


27 inches


25 inches


22 inches


32 inches


22 inches


12 inches


Smaller pieces: (14)


71 inches total


I also saved 18 of the black rubber cable covers, which most people apparently don't use.


These cables are priced to move, as two George L pedalboard kits from Musician's Friend would cost you $100 and you'd only get 20 feet of cable.


PayPal only please, and I prefer to ship within the U.S. E-mail is mosquitogod@yahoo.com

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