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SHO and MiG Boost

Nico de Roode

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Originally posted by State 6000

Why is the Mig*Boost called a boost? I thought it based on the DOD 250.

Gain on 0, LED mode ON, Volume 10, neck singlecoil of a Strat into a Fender Twin=pure bliss. And it stays clean 'till about 11 o clock in LED mode.

Hey Zach, kinda makes us the parents on a playground where our children like to play together huh? :D

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Originally posted by zinzin

i already own the DOD 250 (the reissue) and i find it rather "transparent" and good as a boost. it the MIG much different? "cleaner", louder? how much for a MIG?


I'll do my best to put it objectively:


the MiG*Boost is designed in such a way, that the most notorious problems of the DOD 250 are overcome;

-a better bassresponse, which doesn't loses low-end as much as the DOD 250, when the gain is increased.

-the MiG*Boost has the possibility to get quite a bit louder and remains cleaner in the 'LED' mode.

-the MiG*Boost has 2 clipping modes; the LED mode, which sounds loud and crunchy. And the Si/Ge mode, which sounds dirtier and rawer (more distortion possible), at the expense of some volume. This mode sounds closest to the original DOD 250.

-it has a LED to see if it's on or off (I always hated that with old DOD/MXR pedals).


The next batch will be awhile, price will be around $135-140.

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