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Jonesing for an EHX 16 Second Delay. Good choice or not?

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The EH 16 Second Delay is a great choice if you looking for a looper and delay. It has lots of features that are expanded getting it's optional foot controller. EH has modified the 16 Sec. Delay to disable the 4 beat count-in feature on all new models and will do a chip replacement for $35 if you buy the old model new or used.

EH Notice

All of the new 16 second delay units have begun shipping with the modified chip to allow the 4 beat count in to be disabled. For those of you who have the first generation reissues you can send in your units for the upgrade! We charge a flat fee of $35 to do this. The upgrade consists of a chip replacement which will allow the user to disable the 4 beat count in. Once this is done the loop ends when you want it to and not at a predetermined time. But if you need the 4 beat count in enabled again you just need to reset the unit with a few settings!
Please send the unit to:
New Sensor Corp.
32-33 47th Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101
Attn: 16 sec. upgrade

Please include a money order for $35 and a mailing address to return the unit. Note that we cannot ship to P.O. Addresses.

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