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Got this e-mail in response to something I posted for sale in the classifieds...



My name is ANDREW THOMAS ,I am highly interested in the immediate purchase of your item,I want to inform you that the payment will be remmited via a CASHIER`S CHECK issued from an american bank.In order to conclude the deal as soon as possible, the cashiers check that will be sent to you by a client of mine in the states and it will include the money for the sales of your item and the shippers fees for organising a home pick up service.You do not need to worry as my shipping company will come to pick the item up from your base for shipment. What I want to clarify is that will you be able to send the shipping charges to the shipping agent through Western Union Money Transfer method as soon as you get and cash the check or have it cleared your bank and you deduct the money for the sales of your item and also deduct an additional $50 so you can consider the item sold to me?If you agree to assist in this capacity , send your full name,your address and phone numbers.

Best Regards.



I'll also need you to give me your last asking price comfirmation of your item.


Whaddaya'll think?? Scam?

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'my shipping company' should raise anyone's DEFCON 1 Scammer Alert!

I'd NEVER call Fedex, UPS, DHL, Nederlandse Pakketdienst or whatever 'MY' shipping company.

Oh, and scammers always seem to want things fast.
What's weird though that this guy would let you wait for the cheque to clear. That would mean he falls through.

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How can you think it is not a scam. It hits every button:

1. no mention of the actual item.
2. Name in capitals for no apparent reason.
3. What bank?
4. The whole shipper b.s.
5. Wanting you to give money to someone else.
6. Offering to give you more money.
7. Wanting money from you to go some secure route.

Pretty much you will get a bogus/forged cashier's check, it will take the bank weeks to verify that it is fake, by which time you will be hosed.

Scam. There is no way this is not a scam.

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