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rehousing green small stone- need footswitch help!


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Ok, I have my green small stone all apart and wanted some help on now knowing how to convert the wires going into the 6 pole footswitch as well as teh 8 pole flip swicth both into a 3pdt 9 pole switch


the footswitch is labeled like this:


1 2 3

1 2 3


...with the bottom row 1 a yellow wire to the LED, the bottom row 2 was open/empty of connection and the other 4 had wires the ran to the board


How do I wire this to be True Bypass so I no longer hear the background cycling on color on mode?



the flip /color switch that I am making into a footswitchable option... it is a 8 pole labeled:


1 3


2 4



5 7


6 8


... with the 2 and 5 soldered together and the 4 and 7 soldered together with wires going to the circuit board from all other poles... using a 3pdt... how to wire this to footswitch this currently flip switch control?







it seems I need a 5" x 7" enclosure... where would I be able to find that locally? home depot? h.a.m. radio electronics places?


when soldering the footswitch... you heat up the pole piece with the iron, then warm up the wire and the pole and add the tip of solder wire to make a good connection, right? last time I soldered a 3pdt, it wa sunsuccessful (but I was reusing an old footswtch, so it was my understanding it was broke before... but I am just double checking to make sure it wa snot my error...)





thanks for any/all help... I have pics on my digital camera... but no internet at home so to get them here... I need to d/l to comp, burn to CDr then bring to work... I am willing to do it if it helps, though.

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