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Are any of you regular contributors in the KSS forum?


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I'd like to let that group know about my site (http://www.uncledig.com). A lot of people over there seem to be excellent players, prolific writer/recorders, and reasonably open-minded.


However, I rarely post over there and I don't want to disrespect their forum and end up making a mess of what could be a cool thing.


I also know that the KSS forum has monthly "missions", which is a similar concept to something we're going to do at UncleDig.com, and I really want to make sure that people understand I'm not trying to "compete" or edge in on what they've already got going. I just want to offer an *additional* place for everyone.


SO, if you're a regular over there, could you PM me? I'd like to understand the right way to go about letting that group know about the site, and your perspectives could really help! Thanks in advance!!



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