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Help with new rig design


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Ok I have big plans of redesigning my whole rig. Currently im playing with a bunch of good floor effects infront of a TSL-602.


I want to move to a stereo rig based around a rack and here is my plan:


AB box (to switch guitars) -> clyde mccoy wah -> Volume pedal (TU-2 off volume output)

All these effects will be on a floor board before the rack.


Will then go to rack with following effects:

Some sort of compressor->Tube screamer->Phase 90->Voodoo lab chorus->Voodoo lab trem->Preamp (maybe yamaha DG-1000) -> Split signal into panner and some other stereo effects->line 6 echo pro->mesa 2:50 stereo power amp->4x12 stereo 3/4 back mesa cab.


The reason I want to use so many seperate effects rather than go with one good multieffects units is because I already have a lot of these effects and I love them!


I want to use the axess RX1 switching unit (may need 2 with the number of effects) and the Acess FX1 ground control unit. I think the axess units have a few benefits over the voodoo lab switcher and controller. These are discontinued so hopefully i can pick one up second hand.


There are a few problems with this rig and my quesitons are as follows:

I hear the switching unit cannot switch line level signals. Because the preamp I want to use is mono all the stereo effects need to be after it. This means they will be at line level and cannot be switched. How can I get around this? Does anyone know of a good stereo preamp (can't afford a triaxis) or another way of getting round this? I want the preamp to be midi controlled so I can change settings with the ground control unit.


Also can anyone suggest a good preamp thats not too expensive. I currently have a MXR super comp but it distorts and I don't like how it sounds.


This is a BIG upgrate from my current rig but well worth it I think. Hopefully I will have enough to afford it in a few months. Problem is because its such a big change I can't really buy things in moderation and add them to my current rig so I kinda have to save up enough for the big things then get them together :(.


Any ideas or comments about anything would be much appreciated.

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