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Fender Stratocaster Thread


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Just wanted the "Effects Forum" thread on this subject. I think everyone here has better taste (IMHO). So what is there to talk about?


1/ Pickups- different combos, styles, what sounds better with different woods.


2/ Maple vs. Rosewood


3/ body wood


4/ neck shape


5/ favorite model

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I have a 1996 Fender MIM Startocaster that has always played like butter, and as it is sentimental to me, I have upgraded it quite nicely, and it now kicks ass.

It has all my preferred features:
1. Rosewood fretboard (warmer than maple)
2. Alder Body
3. Single coil pickups, humbuckers sound funny in Strat's I think.

The only original parts are the neck, body, frets, bridge,and jackplate.

My mods:
1. Schaller nonlocking tuners.
2. Fender Vintage Noiseless Single Coils.
3. 500 K pots, with tone 1 controlling neck, and tone 2 controlling bridge & middle pups.
4. All new wiring, switch, & jack.
5. Vintage Aged Cream pup covers, knobs, etc.
6. Short tremolo arm so it stays in my picking hand comfortably.
7. Refinished natural after the paintjob literally fell off.
8. Schaller straplocks.
9. Graphite Nut.

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I have two.

95 USA Ultra with the lace sensors and rosewood fretboard. It has been my general all purpose guitar for years.....
About 3 years ago one of the cap bolts for the floyd trem, broke off, I tried to drill it out, it ate drill bits. So now it has a 2000 USA bridge with graphtech saddles. (ps graphtech saddles are a great product, really for serious!) It is not really straty but a damned nice guitar! The frets look like hell and the finish has come off most of the neck, but it still looks great, plays amazing, it is a great guitar!

The other one is a 83-4 MIJ 62 reissue hardtail. Alder body, 3 tone sunburst, many finish flaws, the top edge where the tummy cut is, looks like someone attacked it with a weedeater! It has gotoh sealed tuners, and a graphtech nut. I Shielded the body and rewired it with better pots, and the GuitarNuts.com star ground schematic, and Rio Grande Muy Grande strats set! Great Strat sound! I also added the Kinman base plate, graphtech bridge saddles. It has a thinish neck with a rosewood board. It rules. I love it so much!

Now all I need it a thinline tele with a bigsby and a filtron in the neck and I will be totally happy (yeah right) with my guitars!

well now I have meet my 5 posts for 2005 quota, I'm back to lurking... whilst working!


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late 60s early 70s model, if possible 4 screw neck plate,
stock pu
maple fretboard
olympic white or natural

this is the favourite, i have the 70's reissue MIJ

and i love all the others, as far they have all singecoils in them... humbucker is for les pauls :)

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Originally posted by Cruachan


'97 Squier Protone Strat, ash body, satin neck, mint green scratchplate with aged white plastic parts and alnico pickups.

I have the same guitar!

Are these any good? I'm left handed and have probably only ever played 5 electrics in total, so I couldn't tell you a crap guitar from a beast.

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I have a love/hate relationship with my strat in that I love the feel of the guitar and playing it unpluged, but once I plug it in it is very hard to escape the thin bluesy sound that is oo weak for my liking... I've tried all sorts of pickups and have finally got something that I can tolerate... I use a set of 3 Little 59 Duncans with an Alembic Stratoblaster for a slight boost and a low impedance output... (I leave it on all the time)

The guitar itself is a 62 RI in sunburst with an Alder body and a rosewood board. I have replaced the saddles with the steel graphtech ones and wrenched the bridge down to the body, though I've been considering using it as a trem... The nut is brass and the tuning machines are Schaller locking...

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