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6 months now with the same electric rig.


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That has never happened. For the previous 9 1/2 years something changed every week or two.


Here it is.............


Gibson SG Standard (stock)

Fender MIM Stratocaster (Modded)*

Mesa/Boogie Nomad 45 1x12 combo

Lovepedal MagicVibe in the FX loop.

All wired with Monster Gold Cable.


*=The only original parts are the neck, body, frets, bridge,and jackplate.

It now has:

1. Schaller nonlocking tuners.

2. Fender Vintage Noiseless Single Coils.

3. 500 K pots, with tone 1 controlling neck, and tone 2 controlling bridge & middle pups.

4. All new wiring, switch, & jack.

5. Vintage Aged Cream pup covers, knobs, etc.

6. Short tremolo arm so it stays in my picking hand comfortably.

7. Refinished natural after the paintjob literally fell off.

8. Schaller straplocks.

9. Graphite Nut.


Everytime I add another pedal, or try a different speaker, it doesn't sound as good, it seems these 4 items fit together like a glove. All of my gain needs are provided by my amp (every time I try a gain pedal it sounds like poop next to the Boogie's distortion), and it has footswitchable clean boost and spring reverb. Combine that with the beautiful swirl of the MagicVibe, and it's terrific. :cool:

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I love them, I don't understand the negative reviews. They are not high powered pickups, but they are not meant to be. They do make a Hot Noiseless set.
These sound like a set of mint 1950's-1960's Strat pickups, with perfect quack, and beautiful bell like tone, but with no hum.
I am really happy I got them.

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