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Are the best potatoes in Silverton, Idaho?

papa taco

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Originally posted by papa taco


Stompin Tom is gonna stomp yer ass for not saying PEI....you call yerself a Canadian:mad:

Bud the Spud

Tom Conners


Well it's Bud the Spud, from the bright red mud,

Rollin' down the highway smilin',

The spuds are big on the back of Bud's rig,

There from Prince Edward Island,

There from Prince Edward Island.

Now from Charlottetown, or from Summerside,

They load him up for the long long ride;

He jumps in the cab and he's off with the Pride Sebagoes.

He's gotta catch a boat to make Tormentine,

Then he hits up that old New Brunswick line,

Through Montreal he comes just a flyin'

With another big load of potatoes.


Well, the cops have been lookin' for the son of a gun

That's been rippin' the tar off the four-O-one;

They know the name on the truck shines up in the sun --

"Green Gables."

But he hits Toronto and at seven o'clock,

He backs her up again at the terminal dock,

And the boys gather `round just to hear him talk

About another big load of potatoes.

"Hey bud."

Is that you callin'

"Ya Bud, what are you haulin'?"

Got another big load of the best potatoes that's ever been growed.

"Where are they from?"

They're from Prince Edward Island.


They're from Prince Edward Island.

"Oh, do you like potatoes?"

Do I like potatoes? I like:

Mashed potatoes

Boiled potatoes

Scalloped potato

Whipped potato

Curried potato

French-fried potatoes

Baked potato

"Hash browns!"

Potato chips

Potato roti

Potato soup

Potato salad

Potato knish

Potato pari

Potato gelatti

Potato fritters

Potato pancakes

"Buddy, oh I want a potato pancake!"


Now I know a lot of people from east to west

And they like the spuds from the island best,

`Cause they stand up to the hardest test --

Right at the table;

So when you see that old truck rolling by,

Kinda wave your hand or wink your eye,

`Cause that's Bud the Spud, from P.E.I.

With another big load

He's got another big load

He's got another big load of potatoes!

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Originally posted by pontiusplaymate

I understand that most of the potatoes eaten in Idaho are imported from Washington state.



you know that idaho potatoes is branding... much of the potatoes that say idaho on them are from washington and oregon... same with washington apples. The best potatos are from arround tri-cites in WA, and Hermiston Oregon... at least a couple farmers we used to sell stuff to at my old work said that it was the best growing area in the states.

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