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Gave my GT-6 another whirl today and...


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It really isn't too bad a unit. (way expensive for the time I bought it two or three years ago). I got a few good recordings out of it then I lost interest in it as it sounds like moist ass for the most part through an amp or mixer or anything i tried. ( it's partly my fault as I don't doo too well tonewise with any thing. Gice me a Marshall JCM 800 and a good 4x12 and I'll find ite "{censored} spot" in no time).

Well today I found some time on my hands and I tried it out again. I hooked it up in mono to a hand built hand wired 4-6V6, ( yes you heard it right 6V6) amp I got in my days of collection.

I call it my Hilbilly BOOTEEK amp. Bone dre just had Vol, Bass, Mid, Treb.

I doinked around with the GT ( using no modulations or effects just the gain ) got it decent then I put a touch of reverb and it sounded pretty good.

Still the GT-6 is a huge paper weight. But it does have it's merits.

Just thought I'd share.

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