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A new year beckons. Thus a new approach to FX.

Sweet Lou

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So, i've been trying to downsize my effects and focus on creating my sound. Ever had a point in your life, when you seemed to have like 10 pedals on your board and half of it's like a duplicate of the other half?


Well, so here's my pedal list going in order:


MXR Dynacomp

Danelectro chilli dog octave

Xotic BB preamp

Zoom Ultrafuzz

Zoom Tri-metal

Red Witch deluxe moon phaser

Zoom Hyperlead


As you can tell, i have a fancy for dirt pedals. I like to think i can cop every single type of dirt sound - OD, fuzz, dist, heavier dist, etc.


As of last night, the tri-metal's outta the board. I have a lot of fun with the tri but it's not really contributing much to my sound except the occasional heavy palm-mute. Which is a lot of fun, but you know, not very useful.


The danelectro's out too. For $20, it's a really cheap octave. The key word is cheap though. It doesn't track well on the lower strings and the knobs are freaking small. I like fuzz and octave together but the dano just doesn't cut it in terms of reliability.


I have GAS for three pedals but only 1 will make it in my board for the new year:


Red Witch Fuzzgod

Catalinbread teaser stallion

Catalinbread semaphore


I'm just ranting away, trying to justify my next purchase. But i've been adding and subtracting pedals from my pedalboard for so many years it never dawned on me to put together something 'me'. It's more like "oh this sounds cool, ok i'll put this in" that sorta vibe. Anyone had this experience? Trying to downsize and focus? It's not easy eh? Takes a lot of willpower to remove anything from my board.


Or maybe it's just me. :evil:

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Precisely, sometimes i search for that 'tone'. And when i finally reach that sound, i think to myself if i will stay contented.

Cos the moment my playing style changes, the effects will change.

Say for instance, i'm a industrial-metal player and decide to change to shoegazer. Woah, major shift in fx types.

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