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Gnx3 vs comparable zoom boards...


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I need to pick a board for live use, so could use help sorting out which

will have me best covered, here's what I need/prefer.


Listed more or less in order of priority :


Clean/toneful capabilities


Looping (easy- live- friendly) about 30/40 seconds min would be nice.


Acoustic Simulator.



Machine : Easy operation with lots of Country/Rock presets.Need live

foot switchable if possible.


Artist Presets : Tons or at least lots of usable presets.


Overdriven Lead : Sustain/ compression big....


Delay : need to be able to dial in time/ms and feedback/repeats as

well as depth peramiters would prefer to do so without needing to

use the tap tempo features.


Metal Presets : maybe a little EVH/Satch not a big priority.



I didn't list the Gxn4 due to budget constraints (near broke), but would

ramp up to higher end if absolutely necessary


Thank You :wave:



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