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Received the new Kaden Effects prototype boost pedal today.


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Man, this thing has some "get-up-and-go"! It's a completely new circuit vs. the first prototype he sent with an added pre-gain/grit type control. There are two knobs: the one on left is pre-gain/grit. The one on right is volume. I haven't played it as much I'd like because the wife just came home; I'll test drive it more this weekend. I like the grit in this pedal and it seems to have a little more treble capability in the gain than my FD2. So far, I only used my Anderson Drop Top into Marshall DSL 50 using both the clean and drive channels. My favorite settings on the pedal (so far) are both knobs placed at around 01:00 o'clock. Very tasty boost and drive! I'll write more this weekend.


Nice job, Jason - thanks, you're awesome!!!!

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