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LMAO, check out this Zoom G-2 HC review!


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URL: www.zoom.co.jp

Price Paid: US $99.97


Ease of Use: 10

My son is 1 1/2 yrs old and he is editing patches as I type this! He could've read the manual but it is too easy he didn't need to.


Sound Quality: 10

I am using a $10,000 les paul and sometimes I use a guitar my grandma bought me from walmart THEY BOTH SOUND TREMENDOUSLY GREAT through this pedal. I'm glad they put lights on it, because it's so quiet I didn't know if it was on! Auto makers should learn something from this pedal. The sound is SUPER, I was playing some Vai stuff the other night and my neighbors were outside my house selling tickets because people actually thought STEVE VAI was there playing!! The distortion is TOP NOTCH I play everything from Wynonna Judd to Accept.


Reliability: 10

Seriously, I think this is built out of titanium, I accidently dropped it from our balcony on the 41st floor and I thought "oh no" but, when I went down to the street everyone was just standing around saying "now, that's a well built pedal". It was still in ONE PIECE not even a scratch!! Come to think of it, It almost sounds better now, if there can be such a thing!!!!


Customer Support: 10

Like I said it's so quiet, so I called tech support to see if they could tell me if it was on and the SUPER NICE guy on the other end told me about the "lights" and that they would be on if the unit was on so.. WHEW!! They are TOP NOTCH, he even offered to send me a case of my favorite beverage!!


Overall Rating: 10

I've been playing for 75 years. Someone DID already steal the first 3 of these things I bought so now I have a backup of 5 of them. The only thing I don't like it sometimes I hear voices coming out of the unit (cross-comms w/telco I I think) I've owned every effect pedal made by every company ever and this is the best one! I used to just play in my house but recently there was a MAJOR band in town and I guess they heard me and stopped so now I might be going to be on tour with them, I can't say who, but I'm not sure if they were on a bus or a Crazy Train HEHEHE. The only thing I wish this thing had, was a bottle opener on the back because those Mexicans put their caps on the bottles so tight!! The only thing else I would like to share is that if you don't go buy one of these right now then you should probably sell all of your gear and move to iceland and plant daisies on the beach!


Submitted by FutureAxeForOz at 12/28/2005 12:

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