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E-H 16 second delay - do my homework for me


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So now that these can be modded for no click, are they being sold already modded anywhere?


The prices on the internet are all over the place. Music123 is $239.99 but I have never bought from them. Where's the best place to get one?


If I buy an unmodded one how do I get it modded. Sorry I know it has been posted before but I couldn't find it.


Any other relevant info is appreciated.

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That's a great price! Plus they have the extra foot controller or a decent price of $90 too. I've ordered from Music123 with no problems. This is the wrong time for me to be seeing this. :eek:

To get it modded, get in touch with EHX and ship it to them in NY. I think the mod costs $35, plus shipping.

This is the message they sent out -

"Basically by setting up the unit in a series of predetermined settings the chip will recognize this and disable the 4 beat count in. So this would be mainly for foot use. The loop will stay as long as you have the unit in record mode. Once you stop then that is the end of the loop. Best used for live applications so you can create loops on the fly.
The amount is $35 for the update payable via Money Order or Credit Card.
Please send the unit to:

New Sensor Corp.
32-33 47th Avenue
Long island City, NY 11101"

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